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Please buy a calendar and help us raise money to fix Threlkeld Cricket Club's flood damaged ground

All proceeds from the calendar will go towards the re-instatement of Threlkeld Cricket Club's ground, all the work has been done by volunteers and no one has been paid.
Although having an idea is one thing, bringing it to fruition is another. This calendar would not have been possible without the generous help and support of many many individuals and businesses. Not least of all Stuart Holmes who has spent days of his time taking pictures of us playing in the most ridiculous locations we could think of.


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Rain Stopped Play


Friday 22nd June 2012 was supposed to be one of Threlkeld Cricket Club’s biggest fundraising events - the annual summer dance - on the night before the club took the unprecedented step of cancelling due to the obscene weather forecast for the following 24hr period.

On the morning of the 23rd we stood in awe of the devastation caused by the storm.

Playing for Threlkeld Cricket Club is a labour of love and we face an uphill struggle nearly every weekend of the season.

So, rather than sobbing at the loss of our long shadows on a manicured green wicket, the team packed up their whites and went on a search for the most inspiring and extreme wickets the glorious Lake District has to offer.

We looked VERY high and VERY low in order to find somewhere to play our
unique brand of cricket.

Local photographer Stuart Holmes willingly volunteered to record our antics.

The result is this amazing A3 calendar featuring 12 unique and individual cricketing photos like none you've ever seen before, it's your for £9.99 (+£2.00 P&P)

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